Words for the Vineyard - Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

It makes me smile every time I read this list of words. Two years ago the Lord was speaking to us and He is still continuing to make these things clearer. What a good and kind God to patiently and gently push us forward in His love for His purposes and plans.

When I think of "back to the basics" the first thing that pops in my mind is the foundations of life or basic human needs. Basic means fundamental and foundational. Basics are the essentials of our life and everything is built on top of them. We all "know" about the basics but easily they can go to the back of our minds until we get overwhelmed and then we are forced to refocus on them. Just like if we don't get the foundations of a structure or house correct, we'll have problems with the building with every changing season. The base level elements have to be established and maintained in order for us to live life and life to the full that dear Jesus came to give. They are the very basic necessities that keep us physically and spiritually flourishing.

Some basic physiological needs of humans are:

Well, well, well... Look at that. Jesus is literally the answer to all of these needs. :D Who here is surprised? Jesus is the Breath of heaven, Living Water, Bread of Life, Mighty God/Strong tower, Lord of the Sabbath, God is Love, and He alone holds our hope and purpose. How fun that we were created in Him and through Him.

Our spiritual needs aren't much different. We have basic needs and core practices to grow in our experience with God and abiding life with Jesus. The beautiful reality is when we come to our Father with a need, He is delighted to meet them. He gives freely to all who ask.  Matthew 7:11

Here are some spiritual basics:

Gratitude/Adoration of God
Scripture meditation
Fasting/ Feasting
Community of faith/Fellowship of believers

There are places of growth for all of us in these areas. We are transformed each day by Holy Spirit as we surrender to His leading. We follow His voice. This is not about checking boxes or getting all these things "right" so that God will be happy with us. His pleasure and favor already was permanently decided. He loves you and me! He sent Jesus to make sure that you would KNOW His love. Being convinced of His love is the most important basic we can ever master. That we remain in the love of God. Keep receiving His love in every area of transformation.

Ask the Lord to grow you in being more aware of His presence. Here are some ideas:
  • Breathe- Take deep breaths. Your very breath can be a prayer and worship to the Lord as you set your mind on the holy fact that HE CREATED YOU AND LOVES YOU. Psalm 139
  • Water- Drink water. If you don't drink enough water, your body will not function the way it was created to. Choosing to drink water can be a conscious decision to choose health and life. As you drink remember that Holy Spirit is referred to as living water so as you drink water, ask Him to fill you again at the same time.  John 7:37-39, Ephesians 5:18
  • Food- Choose healthy, nutritious foods. God has created colorful and delicious fruits and vegetables but so often in the hurry of life, we choose fast, processed stuff. Make the intentional choice to fuel your body well and practice thanksgiving. Value your body as a temple of God. Take care of it. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
  • Abide in Christ. He is our shelter and strong tower. He is our shield and dwelling place. Rest in Him. As you lay down in your home, thank God that He is truly your protection. John 15, Psalm 23
  • Rest. Take a 5 minute break in the quiet. This can be really difficult because everything we have ever known has told us our value comes from what we do. Culture may say that but our God says we are valuable because He gave His Son on our behalf. We did nothing to earn that, He just declared us worthy. We have to learn to enter into His rest. Sabbath, practicing silence and stillness. Be still and know that I am God and then I will be exalted among the nations. Psalm 51
  • Movement- Go for a walk. Dance, Jump. Stretch. Exercise. Movement is a gift and if we don't use it, we lose it. Jesus walked so much. Even if its just around your home during these winter months, make a goal to move more than sitting still. Imagine Jesus walking with you, have a conversation and enjoy His presence.  Fellowship with Jesus.
  • Community- We were created for loving relationships and connection with our Creator and each other. On purpose, foster healthy friendships of believers. Take the time to call, listen, encourage and pray with someone. Reach out. We are a people who listen to the Spirit for one another. Practice honoring the Christ you see in people around you. Let's build relationships of integrity and honesty as we pursue the Kingdom. 
So back to the basics we go! Let's not crash into this season, let's come in with gentleness. Our Savior made his debut as a gentle newborn and describes Himself as gentle in Matthew 11:29. Let's be like Jesus. He's the coolest.

For His glory,

Rachel Burnham 

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