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The Church is...
by Rachel Burnham on April 15th, 2024
A couple of weeks ago, Beau described something called the redemptive lift.. It is defined as a phenomenon that happens when the Gospel enters the lives of people in a community and then changes the spiritual, social and economic climate of that place. When the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached and lived, it transforms everything. Depending on which study you find, Mississippi ties with Alabama fo...  Read More
Courage with Him
by Rachel Burnham on April 7th, 2024
”Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”“   Joshua‬ ‭1‬:‭9‬ ‭I love this verse. The Lord has brought this to my attention many times right when I needed it throughout the years. In it's context, The Lord is speaking to Joshua about taking over the role of leading the people of Israel into the promised la...  Read More
Think about such things..
by Ash Hammack on February 24th, 2024
I used to be really into the HGTV channel/home improvement network. Just ask my husband ;) I love that in a 30 minute episode a totally dilapidated home becomes beautiful and brand new! Ahhh if only that was real life. Anyway... back when everyone was stuck at home for weeks, I was inspired by all the ideas. I would pretty consistently share these ideas with Beau.  I became particularly fixated on...  Read More
Words for the Vineyard - Removal of Illusions
by Rachel Burnham on February 6th, 2024
When I first realized that we could have a living, real relationship with the Holy Spirit and that He would speak to us, I woke up early every morning to ask God three questions as I read the Bible:  Read More
Words for the Vineyard - Mothering and Fathering
by Rachel Burnham on January 20th, 2024
God desires His whole family. Or His family whole. And He's placed on our house the joy of being fathers and mothers made in His image. And oh what a beautiful house full we have here!  Read More
Words for the Vineyard - Leading from Behind
by Ash Hammack on January 11th, 2024
Jesus didn't lord over the people His rulership and commands although He had every right to. He didn't use force or impressive, coercive speech. He didn't bribe or make faulty deals. He shared His words of life with all that would freely listen and receive. He sacrificed so many ways but one was that He modeled humbling Himself in complete obedience and honor to His Father and the ones that he was given. He showed honor to the most unlikely characters during his ministry. He has certainly continued this pattern for thousands of years! The proof of that is the person on the other side of this screen being called by His voice into this amazing journey of following Him.  Read More