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A couple of weeks ago, Beau described something called the redemptive lift.. It is defined as a phenomenon that happens when the Gospel enters the lives of people in a community and then changes the spiritual, social and economic climate of that place. When the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached and lived, it transforms everything. Depending on which study you find, Mississippi ties with Alabama for having the most churches per capita in the United States. So where's the disconnect?

Last Sunday, we took some time to discuss the question "What does our culture say church is?". I loved hearing so many voices share their experiences and thoughts. It was a really eye opening conversation. Now.... looking at the whiteboard filled with the responses, it isn't a pretty sight but every problem or challenge that has ever been solved, begins with looking at the reality of the situation and the variables at hand. So here we are, getting started. Knowing that there is a solution from the Spirit of God for us today. I'm really excited about the weeks to come as we move with the Lord into this topic. What we want more than anything is His will done, His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus is very committed to His bride and we want to follow Him in that too.

I encourage you to join us in person as much as possible over the next few weeks and months and or keep up with the teachings as they come out. Our soundboard was effected by the thunderstorms this week so we will not have livestream services  for at least the next two Sundays but plan to release the audio recording afterwards.

See you soon!

For His glory,

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